Blake A. Neal (Residential buyer)

"I was a newbie! LOL! Lisa was amazing. I couldn't have asked for any one better."

Steve Traylor (Commercial buyer)

"Lisa's attention to detail is phenomenal and makes life easy for the buyer.  Lisa went above and beyond for my property search-doing searches outside of MIBOR's area, and keeping everyone informed on what's going on, as well as giving great advice on locations and value.  She is the most knowedgeable REALTOR I have ever worked with.  I hope to work with her again."

Jeanne Menzel (Residential buyer)

"Lisa is the best REALTOR I have ever worked with and I have owned five previous homes. I felt that she was looking out for me and my best interests. I had total confidence in her during this experience. I was very impressed with all of these skills (communication, integrity, and research) in Lisa. She is a top notch professional. She sets the standard high for her customers. She is very good at explaining all sides of decisions that needed to be made and did not pressure me in my decisions. She is wonderful and very professional. I will highly recommend her to others---I already have! She made this purchase a very positive and rewarding experience for me."

Al and Linda Mendenhall (Residential seller)

"Lisa was in communication with us every step of our sale.  We appreciated her work ethic and integrity so much that we went ahead with our purchase and move to Georgia knowing she had nothing but our best interest in mind, and was dedicated to getting our Indiana home sold."

"Lisa has such a wide background of business behind her not only in real estate but also in information technology that she had everthing at the touch of a button and could show us the progess of our sale anytime we needed to check on it.  She uses every tool available to her to show your home in multiple markets and works tirelessly to see that every transaction is handled ethically and as convenient to the seller and the buyer as possible.  Wouldn't use anyone in this area but Lisa Taylor-Franke!"

Karen Rose (Residential seller and buyer)

"Lisa is very knowledgeable and an expert in her field.  She by far is the most professional REALTOR I have met.  Lisa worked very dillegently and often went the extra mile to ensure my home had the best exposure possible.  Lisa went over and above her requirements to ensure I had the best possible offer and took pride in making sure all areas were covered."  I feel very fortunate to have Lisa as my REALTOR.  She is the epitome of what a REALTPR should be."

Dave Parker (Farm/land seller)

"She did an excellent job of  explaining and researching what was going on in the area for farm acreage."

Danielle A. Miller (Residential buyer)

"TOTALLY different experience.  Lisa was very helpful, honest, courteous, prompt and just an all around great person to deal with.  She worked hard to find a house to fit our family's needs."

Lisa always got back to us in a timely manner.  We also received emails on a regular basis."

Jeff and Lori Pollard (Residential seller and buyer)

"Lisa will go above your expectations to sell or find you what you are looking for in real estate.  If you are looking for a REALTOR to represent you and stay true to all of your goals in selling or buying real estate than Lisa is the best choice!"

Brianne and Phil Kelsey (Residential seller)

"She was very helpful, would give us updates after showings. Listed our house all over the web---very honest!  She did awesome with all details, we never worried about her taking care of things or having our best interest at heart!"

Brittany and Steven Fitgerald (Residential buyer and seller)

"Lisa was a very effective negotiator.  We never felt pressure.  We made our own decisions and she was there to answer questions and support us during the whole process."

Cassandra and Matthew Ireland (Residential buyer)

"She actually listened to what I had to say and then mader her suggestions.  I don't think she could have done a better job!  She was AWESOME!  VERY SATISFIED!"

Walter Craig (Residential seller)

"Lisa was scrupulously honest and always on our side.  Her communication was top-notch!  She got pictures and a description out where they were not only available to the public, but they showed it in the best light."  Lisa was always available to take care of issues and answer questions.  We appreciated her willingness to be there when we needed her."

Debbie and Jeff Justice (Residential buyer)

"Lisa went above and beyond anyone we have ever dealt with!  She explained many things even before we asked the question---very helpful!  Even when we asked for maybe too much she still went the extra mile!  She was great!"

Tycoon Investments, LLC (Residential Investor)

"Effective and timely communication is critical in a real estate transaction. By utilizing the latest technology available, Lisa is quick to respond to emails, and is nearly always available via telephone. It was very refreshing to work with an agent that answers the phone instead of playing phone tag all day while your deal slips away. Integrity and confidentiality are paramount to Lisa, and her research efforts were tremendous. I was specifically impressed with the verification of the absence of sewer liens on the property I purchased, a problem I've encountered in previous transactions."

"Lisa was a very effective negotiator on my behalf in this transaction. We were given credits for several line items that I'd not have thought to ask for or wouldn't have expected. Lisa knows what to ask for and has no problem asking, which saved me money."

Deanna Dominguez-Diaz (Residential buyer)

"I would recommend that everyone wanting to sell or buy a home should talk to Lisa.  I am very satified.  Lisa was aggresive in her research in finding me a home.  She was pleasant, enthusiastic, and very informative in explaining things to me.  She walked me through every step of the process."

Tanya Shofner (Residential seller)

"Lisa did an excellent job keeping me informed on everything that was going on and she worked very hard to get my house SOLD.  I couldn't have had a better REALTOR.  She's the best!"

Jeff Fellows (Residential seller)

"It seems that REALTORS that I have used before didn't  take their job nearly as serious as what Lisa does.  Lisa seemed to be on top of things from the start.  She obviously knows what she's doing.  She kept me updated every step of the way.   Whether it be good or bad news she was upfront and honest throughout the entire process."

Marc Flegel (Residential buyer)

"The communication was great. Her overall service and knowledge was so appreciated. She made things clear and fully explained any questions I had."

Sabrina Bone (Residential seller)

"Let me just say that Lisa is one of a kind. Every question you may have she will answer right then or she will research it and call you with the answer. She always returned our calls and she is true to herself and really honest with her clients. She has dedicated her time and entirely committed to selling our home even though the market was not in our/her favor."

Christine DeVore (Residential buyer)

"The best REALTOR in our eye's her service will forever be remembered. We will tell everyone to use her."

J.R. and Dawn Powers (Residential buyer)

"Lisa always kept us informed the minute she knew something. Also, after speaking with many REALTORS, Lisa was the only one who seemed to take us seriously and got us started right away. She was truly excellent. I really don't think she could have done any better than she did. Thanks for everything! You are the best!"

Adam Norman (Residential buyer)

"We had some problems with our mortgage company and Lisa kept in touch with them and with us as well...she did an outstanding job. I would definitely recommend her to other people."

Judy Smith (Residential seller)

"She kept us informed of all showings, monthly reports, and comments of people looking at the house." "...she helped us in deciding responses to the buyer's demands."

Stan Whitehead (Commercial investor)

"Without question, Lisa is the best!!! She works diligently, never ceasing and trying new ways to make the deal. She uses all the traits of highly successful people. Very few questions that she did not know and would find out the answer usually that very day. We worked together for more than one month on my purchase. Her efforts saved us thousands. She was hard working and innovative. She had a good working relationship with all the professionals we worked with. She gave us awesome service that ended in good results."

Marcia Young (Residential seller)

"Website listings are a great improvement.... From the very start of the process we were given information and data to confirm each step, along with feedback on the progress and showings. We have absolute trust in Lisa's knowledge and ability to put forth the effort, to resolve any issue that may arise. Lisa having high energy and determination to follow through with issues took all the stress off of us. Lisa was so professional yet personable to deal with that we hope she is available if in the future we need a REALTOR."

Ernie Hopkins (Residential buyer and seller)

"Lisa kept me very informed and worked very hard to help me find what I was looking for in a home and her integrity is above reproach!"

Curtis Wilkins (Farm/land seller)

"Very good experience. Felt no pressure one way or another. Was kept informed of progress."

Laura Haines (Residential seller)

"Your attitude was great. I was surprised how much you did to get it out to public. Very honest."

Linda Ballard (Residential buyer and seller)

"I felt very comfortable with Lisa - she seemed to always be on top of everything. She was very thorough and we always felt she was looking out for our best interest."

Alan Pierce (Residential buyer)

"Lisa's communication, integrity, and research efforts were outstanding. Lisa also went and got enrollment forms for my children at Sugar Creek Elementary. I knew exactly when to have things in line for closing. Lisa is very knowledgeable of the real estate business and uses all of her resources at a highly satisfactory level. I will recommend Lisa as an agent to other people."

Tonya Knox (Residential buyer)

"She would not give up on finding us the home of our dreams, and with her expertise got us just that. She was excellent in our negotiations. We were able to come out of our closing with a home and money in hand. She is by far the only REALTOR I will refer my friends and family to."

Steve Fitzgerald (Residential buyer and seller)

"Very personable, great with returning phone calls. She was perfect."

Holly Murdock (Residential buyer)

"She seemed to be very knowledgeable, especially of the house and Waynetown in particular. She worked to get us answers we needed and the results we wanted."

Vicki Cox (Residential seller)

"I have used other realtors, but never again. This is more than a job for her, it's her passion and she perseveres until the job is completed. She did her homework regarding the sale of other homes in the area. Made me feel like I was her only client at all times. Never, ever have I had so much info given to me. I trusted her implicitly."

Jerry Floyd (Residential buyer)

"Lisa assisted my purchase from long distance (Glen Allen, VA), and acted as a very effective advocate for my interest.  Lisa was very knowledgeable, particularly in dealing with the type of property I was trying to purchase (HUD house).  She was very effective in identifying the positives and negatives in this type of property and gave assistance in where/who to contact for additional issues.  She relentlessly pursued HUD until the proper individual was identified regarding an unresolved issue, then did not rest until the issue was resolved totally in our favor.  I am completely satisfied with Lisa's perforamance and would recommend her to anyone interested in purchasing real estate, especially if they are at a remote location such as my case." 

Ed Sliva Sr. (Residential buyer and seller)

"Lisa was the best ever. She explained everything nicely."

Ralph and Evelyn Hardwick (Residential buyer)

 "She was very informed in all aspects of negotiations and always responded quickly to our inquiries and requests.  Lisa was very efficient in every aspect of the sales procedure.  We are grateful for her positive responses to our extra requests, such as inspections, land survey, etc."

Erv and Pat Menzel (Residential buyer)

"Have used three different REALTORS in my life.  This is by far the best  experience we have ever had.  For her to deal with us for 3+ years and not give up was amazing.  Found us a home that was not even on the market when we were about to give up.  Remaining steadfast and committed ar two great qualities that we really appreciated.  A+ rating!"